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What does it mean to live la vida más chévere to you? Is it:

  • feeling empowered and inspired?
  • confianza in your decisions (especially when it comes to having kids)?
  • self-awareness with healthy boundaries in place?
  • managing imposter syndrome or a nasty voice inside your head?

If so, then you’re in the right place! If you’ve been looking to achieve even just one of these, then La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Lens with Paulette Erato is exactly what you need.

Welcome to the platform to help childfree Latinas y Latines navigate a life free from the toxicity and BS within our culture, and live their best lives—La Vida Más Chévere!

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Adult-language included.

Latest Episode Transcripts & Show Notes

  • 65 – Just Say No to Burnout with Karenna Soto
    Burnout isn’t a gold medal earned at the Exhaustion Olympics. It’s totally avoidable,  but in our hustle culture, we often wear exhaustion like a badge of honor. Trust that there’s nothing honorable about sacrificing your health. Take it from someone who has suffered the consequences!
  • 64 – The Loneliest Year: A Health Scare, a Lost Circle, and the Power of Rebuilding
    What happens when you’re suddenly abandoned by your pack? Loneliness is a universal human emotion that can often go unaddressed and underestimated in its impact. In a society where the focus is too often on productivity and success, acknowledging feelings of isolation and vulnerability can
  • 63 – Where Do I Belong? Childfree Life on the Margins with Amanda B.
    “Where are you from?” is a question asked all too often of people who are visibly “not white.” So what does it mean to be American in a melting pot of immigrants?   Listen here: Or choose your favorite podcast player: Picking up where we
  • 62 – Cultural Reflections: Adopted & Childfree with Amanda B.
    Continuing to explore the parallels in various cultures, we’re celebrating AAPI month by exploring the world of childfree adulthood with Amanda from Six Degrees of Cats podcast in Part 1 of this two-part episode. Listen here: Or choose your favorite podcast player: Where do Latinidad
  • 61 – Non-Mom May: Celebrating Otherhood by Building Community
    Since host and childfree Latina Paulette Erato was ironically born on Mexican Mother’s Day (which is always observed on May 10th), she’s turning May into a celebration of The Otherhood, aka Non-Mom May! Listen here: Or choose your favorite podcast player: Non-Mom May is a

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