¡Buen día! I’m Paulette Erato

Host of La Vida Más Chévere and a childfree Latina

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Paulette in yellow blouse

I’m also a lot of things that have nothing to do with being childfree, like:

  • right-handed
  • a photographer
  • lover of food and drink
  • curly haired
  • a plant-enthusiast and wife
  • and more

In fact I think being childfree is the least interesting thing about me! But it is a core identity. And finding other childfree Latinas or Latines like me hasn’t always been easy.

Our culture, as Latin Americans, is good at keeping us callados, quiet. We’re already minorities within minorities that also straddle two cultures (especially for those of us living in the United States).

But then we’re routinely slandered and made to believe there’s something wrong with us!

In a society that values a certain type of “family”—one that we’re never going to produce—it’s easy to feel invisible, lonely, and even ashamed.

Refusing to conform to societal norms puts us at odds con nuestra cultura, with our culture. But also knowing that bearing and raising children is not meant for us is a massive measure of self-awareness, boundaries, and frankly, peak adulting!

Yay us!!

So while I think being childfree is as natural for me as having curly hair, brown eyes, and being right-handed, I do try to make sure that part of me is visible. If only so that other childfree Latines looking for examples of a thriving life outside society’s expectations can use me as a model.

I did a deeper dive on this topic in episode 15 of my first podcast, The Maker Muse Podcast for Childfree Latines, which you can listen to here:

If you want even more examples of childfree Latinas who are kicking ass in the living their best lives department, check out season 2 of that podcast. There’s 11 women you might want to hear about!

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