36 – The Dangers of Calladita Se Ve Más Bonita with Pam Covarrubias

Pam Covarrubias has bounced between the US and Mexico her entire life. As a business coach and host of the Cafe Con Pam podcast, she has learned to stand in her power and will explain on this episode exactly what that means and what it took to get there.

She also explains how embodying 2 separate countries and cultures gives her the necessary experience to help her clients build successful and sustainable businesses.

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In this episode, we deconstruct the common Spanish phrase “calladita se ve mas bonita,” which translates into the idea that quiet little girls are more beautiful. That one little phrase has managed to pack in a heavy dose of misogyny and stripped people of their own voices. Because when people feel like their voices bear no weight and they lack confidence in themselves, they’re so easy to control.

Controlling people, especially women, is what the patriarchy thrives on. And women like Pam and I are here to call bullshit on that belief and behavior and minimize its impact. As a childfree Latina, Pam points to how gender and societal norms (in both the US and Mexico) affect how she is perceived and how the bingos she hears give her real insight on to people’s own projections of themselves.

We also chat about coffee, dogs, and discuss whether or not moms are more productive than non-moms. Let me know if you agree or disagree with her assessment!

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