Trailer – Introducing La Vida Más Chévere

Welcome to the new podcast, La Vida Más Chévere.

Still the same great content you’ve come to expect about overcoming cultural roadblocks and imposter syndrome, but with an even better name. That’s what living la vida más chévere means: loving your childfree Latina or Latine life without shame or regret.

Now, biweekly!

DM me on Instagram if you have questions about this week’s episode. If you’d like to apply to be on the podcast, fill out this form. And join the mailing list to learn about what’s coming in the future.

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This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.*


[00:00] Paulette: ¡Buen dia mi gente! If you’re listening to this on a podcast app and notice that the cover art is a little different, you might be thinking, ¡ay carajo! What happened here? And if you haven’t noticed anything different, then that’s fine. But remember a few episodes back when I said that the title of the show was going to change? That the Maker Muse Podcast for Childfree Latines was aysh, a working title.

[00:25] Well, I changed that. So welcome to La Vida Más Chévere. And there’s a tagline: through the childfree lens. So technically the entire thing is: La Vida Más Chévere Through the Childfree lens with Paulette Erato. So now you know exactly what we’re talking about.

[00:45] So what’s changed other than some branding, the title, the website, and all of my social media?

[00:53] Honestly not much else. The new title just better matches the subject matter you’ve been enjoying for the past year, and you don’t even have to subscribe to a new show. This one will continue to drop into your favorite podcast app like it always has. Just every other week now, instead of every single week.

[01:11] Porque, you know, that’s just how it.

[01:14] But you can continue to expect the same high level quality, interviews, and shit you wanna know about. Also, hopefully más español as I’m working on getting better at that too. So stick around for the ride and I cannot wait to share the rest of La Vida Más Chévere with you in the coming weeks.

[01:34] And to give you a little preview of what the next few months of La Vida Más Chévere has in store for you: we’re gonna be talking about esas cosas that matter to us childfree Latines. Like: sterilization options, what’s on the other side of deciding to be childfree and how you can gain confidence to make that decision. How to deal with some shame that may come up while making these decisions.

[01:58] And of course, more examples in our own community that you can model your own thriving life after if you so please. We’re gonna talk about a lot of other things too, cuz y’all have been up in my DMs with comments like, why haven’t you covered this thing? Or, can we talk about this? And I’m here for it. So if you’ve got any questions, any thoughts or any ideas for what you wanna hear about on this podcast, my DMs are always open, and now even easier to get to because I changed them all to my own name.

[02:28] I’m at Paulette Erato everywhere: Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. Yeah, it’s my name, Paulette Erato, and of course, I’ll leave you a link in the show notes. Stay tuned mis amigues, and that’s a burrito.

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